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Innovation to disrupt small business failure

Our cognitive convergence digital ecosystem make
small business smart businesses

 The records resulting from the processing of transactions provide the foundation of business activity. 

These records verify identities, establish events, govern interactions between suppliers and companies and guide managerial action. Yet the tools and red tape formed to manage these processes are complex, gridlocked and exclusive.

The digital world promises to change this with Blockchain technology at the heart of the solution.

Blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable, permanent way. The ledger can be programmed to trigger transactions automatically.

Kusasa’s cognitive convergence innovation aims to deliver a processing digital ecosystem that enables the disruption of small business failure.

The Problem Statement

The problem is traditional business serve s have created silos, exclusion, user complexity and layered costs. Small business owners lack resources, business education and skills, and have no access to meaningful support and credit.

The Problem: small business failure.

We recognised that financial management is fundamental to improving business performance and the foundation for impact support and turning knowledge into competency.

We decided to create a digital solution to change the way business is done and Kusasa’s small business digital back office was born. In a  performance driven resource aligned way, we provide outsource business processing, administration, financial services and IMPACT SUPPORT ™. The Small Business Back Office.

Our Proposal

We intend implementing Transaction Centres that generate scale and run entire vertical ecosystems with integrated value chains and interoperable supply chains, on circular economy efficiency and Blockchain decentralised protocols.

The Transaction Centre operates our digital ecosystem in six ways: i. automated processing, ii. high-volume high-speed transactions iii. straight through payments, iv. predictive analytics, v. supply chain traceability vi. cognitive learning.

Using advanced technology we eliminate the silos and remove the heavy cost structures currently present in traditional models.


Blockchain’s potential protects databases from deletion, tampering, revision, and every agreement, process, task and payment has a digital record and signature that can be identified, validated, stored and shared.

Distributed Ledger: can record transactions between two parties in a verifiable and permanent way, directly without intermediaries. Every transaction and its associated value are visible to anyone with access to the system. Each node or user on Blockchain has a unique 30-plus-character alphanumeric address that identifies it. Transactions occur between Blockchain addresses.


The blockchain is in the experimental phase with the potential to eliminate intermediaries such as bankers, brokers and agents. Institutional change and governance may present barriers to the Blockchain revolution hype and the adoption may be gradual.

The blockchain is a foundational technology and will provide the foundation protocol for our platforms, as we take the DevOp pivot approach to the development of our digital ecosystem, and test how the innovation will take hold by understanding and gaining insight of first adopters needs. We are changing the way business is done and will not rush headlong into a disruptive process of adoption. We believe as users adopt our management and finance tools and improve liquidity and profit, gradually traditional methods will be replaced and our innovation established on Blockchain will gain critical mass.  

Current Work

Acceptance into the Nvidia Inception Programme to assist and advance our product development in AI and data science with Nvidia's deep learning expert team support and hardware grant, to work on our audio-to-text application and convergence algorithm.

Current Needs

Seed funding: onboard first adopters and test app. Two interns with Python and C++ to begin a career in our company training on the new architecture.


Value Proposition

IMPACT - improve liquidity and profit.

SUPPORT - increase capacity and ability.

CashFlow pay-out claim - aid longevity.


Delivery of our value proposition

Our users, small business, operate the front office, wherever that may be and outsource the entire back office function to Kusasa's Transaction Centre.

The only function the user is responsible for is the creation of electronic orders, invoices and job cards that generate information for the transaction of accounts - paid for expenses or suppliers payable, accounts for payment to be received from customers, and payrolls for salaries and wages.

This information is collected electronically in two ways. Documents such as invoices and job cards are electronically generated and interfaced through the backend to Kusasa's Transaction Centre, the back office. The users business, the front office, is linked by an easy to use audio-to-text smart information collection app. interfaced to Kusasa's Transaction Centre. All the user does is read the information from the purchase slip, be it for stationery, fuel or any purchase paid for using cash or card that is not linked to their bank account. This app. is the users electronic petty cash.

All other documents generated by suppliers in the users supply chain are interfaced to Kusasa's Transaction Centre to build and administrate a vertical ecosystem value chain within an interoperable back office to advance efficiencies of supply chains.  

Kusasa's Transaction Centre processes all the user's transactions to generate reports that become the businesses intelligence for the user, the business owner, to manage their business. These reports are a blend of KPI's, cash flow statements and budgets, presented with embedded cognitive learning in a new easy to understand format, to be viewed in the real-time responsive dashboard. Kusasa's support team positioned in our analytic level, provide predictive analytics, strategic mapping and problem-solving guidance to assist the user with financial management, compliance and legal matters.

The responsive dashboard is a financially incentivised network providing user equity, the value held in app. tokens. The use of KPI's, such as cash flows and budgets, generates network value and forms part of our CashFlow pay-out claim finance product.

Kusasa's interoperable back office ensures digital document management, client relationship management, compliance management, employee administration, communication collaboration, customer connection and document tracking.

Kusasa's Transaction Centre is the Small Business back Office run on a cognitive convergence digital ecosystem to make small business smart businesses.