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Introducing Marketplace Lending


Tools and Resources

Often business owners seeking finance to grow their small business find they do not qualify for traditional asset-based lending. Inherent risk associated with small businesses and new credit regulations has clamped down on lending, restricting SME access to finance.

We are busy revolutionising the way small businesses work to manage inherent risk effectively and mitigate lender risk to improve access to funding for our customers.

Times are changing

The credit marketplace works differently, providing an alternative to the traditional old paradigm. Multiple lenders compete for loan portions, driving down interest rates, allowing businesses access to quicker funding.

We are of the point of view that with the right support, tools and resources small business can achieve big business success.

A new way to get hassle free business finance fast

Moderated online safely by Rainfin, a registered credit provider offering a loan marketplace.

Apply for funding between R10 000 and R 750 000 on a marketplace without the need to secure against assets. Do You Qualify.

Full in the needs analysis questionnaire, qualifying form.

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