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Back Office Outsourcing

  • e-filing

    Old School
    Cloud e-filing
    Why Use it

    A central point where you can control everything.

  • e-bookkeeping

    Back Office

    Digitization of financial systems and processes simplify the way business works and accelerates growth.

    Why Outsource

    Direct access to professional expertise. Optimize daily operations. Quick access to critical information.


Business Support

  • Get Supported

    Accurate Records

    Although our core business is transaction processing, we focus on customer engagement, providing the support that our customers want in the day-to-day running of business and that assists in the planning of development and growth.

    Cash Flow

    We specialize in tracking and forecasting cash-flows and effectively managing account receivables and payable.

    Channel Partner

    We work together with our partners to ensure you have access to affordable funding to meet your financial needs.

  • Why can't you get finance.

    Lenders need a positive return on their investment and require accurate reports to establish the financial health and potential of your business.
We ensure our customers obtain a high level of financial readiness.
  • Get Funded

    This calls for accurate record keeping that takes long-term organisation and consistent preparation. If you are serious about getting access to funding, start with complete accurate records and financial reports that address all the questions in your funding application process.